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10. Vampirella   (29.09.2012 18:43)
Mir gefällt eure harte Musik und Christina Scabbia hat eine wunderschöne Stimme.
Ich freu mich schon ganz dolle euch in Leipzig Live zu erleben.
Ihr geht voll ab cool .

9. inlovewithmaki   (27.02.2012 14:49)
Hi there! there'a a new fan page of Marco Coti Zelati on Facebook!!! There are a loooot of pictures never seen before!!!!! go and like it!!! cool
Answer: Thank you smile

8. JOHN McMURTRIE   (19.01.2012 02:56)
The picture of Cristina holding the sledgehammer is infringement of copyright. Please remove it from your site.
Answer: ок smile

7. EvA   (16.08.2010 15:01)

I really enjoy your site, it's greatly done so congratulations!
I especially like the photo gallery, it's easy to use and has many wonderful pics!
One question: is there an english version of the gallery?
I would like to do a gallery myself, for my own pics, but I can't speak russian. I would like something like the fb5 gallery but in english. Is that possible?

Answer: It's possible, but we actually don't know much about such galleries, sorry. Search for "free gallery" for example.

6. urangel   (27.07.2010 07:47)
be great to see more of you in canada at a festival in july lol

5. Lulu   (11.06.2010 04:50)
Hey !

Thank you so much for posting our interview on your fan site!
I feel blessed to have met Andrea and the band for this great interview. I watched the show in total awww. Lacuna Coil has been one of my favorite bands since awhile now.

I must add, this site looks awesome! What a fantastic job!!!

Cheers from Montreal!



Answer: Thank you very very much! shy

4. June   (01.04.2010 15:48)
oops, I forgot to give you my mail : justine-pascal@live.fr & my site http://www.endless-beauty.net/ cool

3. June   (01.04.2010 15:47)
I love your site as well as I'm a huge fan of Lacuna Coil and I would like to know if we could ba affiliates ?
Have a nice day smile

2. Weronika   (14.02.2010 00:59)
Beautiful site. Wanna become an affiliates?
Answer: Ok, give us code of your banner.

1. Karo   (09.12.2009 09:40)
Hello guys I'm from Mexico, I just have to say you're doing a nice job on the site, I really like it.
I would like to contact with coilers everywhere, so if you want to add me to facebook it would be awesome.

Cheers and keep on going this site as cool as the one you're doing right now.

Answer: Thank you very much! smile


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