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Cristina Scabbia

Female Vocals

Name: Cristina Scabbia

Birthdate: 06/06/1972

Birthplace: Milano

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 1,60 mt

Weight: 50 Kg

Nationality: Italian

Favourite Lacuna Coil Song: Falling Again, all the songs included in Comalies

Favourite Bands: Depeche Mode, Korn, Linkin Park, In Flames

Favourite TV Shows: Real TV, Super Quark, The fresh prince of Bel-Air, La prova del cuoco

Favourite Movies: Seven, The Silence of the Lambs, Il nome della rosa

Favourite Cartoons: Escaflowne, Battle Angel Alita, Akira, Ghost in the Shell

Favourite Actor/Actress: All the “actors” in Shrek, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Woopi Goldberg

Favourite Books: Il dio del fiume, Il settimo papiro.

Favourite Type Of Food: Almost everything but spicey, especially potatoes

Favourite Videogames: Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, All Resident Evil, Silent Hill I, II, Fear effect

Favourite Animals: Paca, my 3 fish and All the animals

Favourite Sports: Soccer

Favourite Teams: A.C. Milan

Favourite Cars: Citroen Dyane, Fiat 127 red, Fiat Uno grey (Cars I've got), Fiat Panda

Favourite Alcoholic Drinks: Mojito, Strawberry Margaritas, Hoegaarden, Caipirissima

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drinks: Natural water, Tomato & Fruit juice, Ice tea

Favourite Colour: Red, black, white at the same level

Favourite Cities: Lisboa, Madrid, Paris

Hobbies: Videogames, Bricolage, Cooking and Sleeping!!!

Sports done: Swim, Volleyball, Martial arts, Dance, Soccer

Taken from Emptyspiral.net

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