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Cristina participates in the roadtrip of Fiat’s livebloggers going for on their way to the Grand Prix of the United States, to take place on 25th July at Laguna Seca.

Such a journey requires the presence of a guide with a deep knowledge of the music world: this role will be played by Cristina Scabbia, the charming singer of Lacuna Coil (the most popular Italian rock band in America), who will escort Tiziana di Gioia and Alex Simonini throughout the roadtrip to show them the real Californian rock spirit.
The adventure of Fiat’s liveblogger and Cristina Scabbia will start from Los Angeles, a city full of legendary places linked to music history: Venice Beach, Lord of Dog Town, Mullholland Drive, the Capitol Records building, the most famous record stores and the Sunset Strip will be just some of the stops along the roadtrip, which will certainly be full of very special surprises.

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Lacuna Coils singer Cristina Scabbia has been voted a "21st Century Icon" by Kerrang! Magazine readers! Cristina joins others, including Ville Valo (HIM), Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour), Amy Lee (Evanescence), and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), as being most influential to the readers of the magazine.

In the words of voters:
"Cristina has refused to be defined by her stunning looks, and has worked hard to get where she is today and be stand alone as metal's most inspiring, talented and influential frontwoman. She's smart, funny, charismatic, and genuinely nice too. What a woman!"

Congratulations Cristina!

From Emptyspiral.net

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On the official site of Lacuna Сoil "the secret category" 1.19 is avaliable now!!!

This is a redirection to the new LC blog http://www.lacunacoil.it/blog119/, where you can get updated news, rare videos and pics, everything about Lacuna Coil's life.

It's strictly managed by the band itself!!

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Cristina have been nominated on the Golden Gods Awards again! You can help her to get the title of "Hottest Chick In Metal" here.

Vote for Cristina!

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All the team of www.lacunacoil.ucoz.com wishes you Happy Rockin' New Year!

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Virgin Radio published results of the voting. And Lacuna Coil took the 2nd place as "The Best Artist", and the 6th place with "Shallow life" in the category "The Best Album".

December 28th, Cristina's going to perform with Rezophonic at Pordenone.

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Dec 11 'Spellbound' won the "Italian Videoclip Award" for the best editing. Congratulations to Lacuna Coil!

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Vote for Lacuna Coil on the Virgin Radio site, where it's presented in three nominations:

  • Best Artist (Lacuna Coil)
  • Best Album (Shallow Life)
  • Best Single (Spellbound)
Don't miss!

Click for vote!

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Video-clip 'Spellbound' is in the thirty of music videos nominated on the Italian Video-Clip Prize 2009 for the best low budget music video (Premio Videoclip Italiano 2009).

Soon all of that videos will be judged by the jury which consist of journalists, directors, TV presenters, music sites' owners, and cinema and musical critics. And then the winner will be determined, and the ceremony of rewarding will take place in Milan University IULM, 11 December.

The whole list of nominated videos is:

7 GRANI, "Neve diventeremo”, directed by Luca Tossani;
ASSALTI FRONTALI, "Il rap di Enea”, directed by Marcello Saurino;
CAESAR PALACE, "God and ants”, directed by Saku;
PAOLA IEZZI, "Io mi perdono”, directed by Paolo Santambrogio;
CRISTIAN DI PROSPERO, "Io c’ero”, directed by Moira Della Fiore;
E.Z.R.A. PAGE, "Joy machine”, d ... Read more »

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